Unique Wazdan Features

A Wazdan oferece mais de 130 jogos HTML5 impressionantes com recursos exclusivos de última geração da Wazdan.

Níveis de Volatilidade

Este recurso exclusivo oferece a opção de alterar o nível de volatilidade de cada rodada disputada em uma grande seleção de jogos, incluindo todos os novos títulos. Se a alta volatilidade for escolhida, cada vitória será maior, mas ocorrerá com menos frequência. Se o nível de baixa volatilidade for escolhido, cada ganho ocorrerá com mais frequência, mas será de menor valor. Fique com o modo padrão para receber uma seleção mista de maior e menor volatilidade, dando uma jogabilidade mais realista. Esse recurso coloca o jogador no controle.

Ultra Fast Mode

In the fast-paced world of online gaming, Ultra Fast Mode allows players to boost the gameplay to some pretty intense speeds. With this feature on, the reels spin in a blink of an eye! This feature doesn’t in any way affect the game algorithms or its RTP – but it does allow to save time for those who don’t need entertaining animations. So if you wish to enjoy a really dynamic experience – Ultra Fast Mode is there for you.

Ultra Lite Mode

Created for players with slow Internet connection, Ultra Lite Mode significantly decreases the game loading time. By how much? Our reports show that players can launch their favorite titles up to five times faster! And while some more sophisticated animations are omitted, the overall experience and atmosphere of the games remain fantastic, allowing players to enjoy a truly seamless gameplay.

Big Screen Mode

First showcased at ICE London 2019, Big Screen Mode allows players to enlarge the reels view so that it fills the entire screen. With two zoom modes to choose from, players can adjust how the game is displayed on their devices. Game logo and side animations are cropped, while the dedicated control panel is replaced with universal buttons placed, like in the mobile view, on the right side of the reels. By enabling this unique feature, players can focus exclusively on the thrilling action taking place on the reels of their favorite slot game.