Burning Sun™

The engagement-boosting Sticky to Infinity™ feature is back in Burning Sun™ to send your metrics soaring high!

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Sticky to Infinity™

Sticky to Infinity™

Sticky to Infinity™ is an exciting feature that players simply adore. It comes in the form of symbols that make triggering the Hold the Jackpot™ bonus game a piece of cake, thus increasing player retention.

Hold the Jackpot™

Hold the Jackpot™

Hold the Jackpot™ is an engaging bonus game that since its introduction quickly gathered crowds of fans. This immersive bonus round offers irresistible gameplay

Top-performing game

Top-performing game

Burning Sun™ with its innovative and engaging features quickly became a top-performing title and is on route to conquering the hearts and minds of all players!

Buy Feature

Buy Feature

The Buy Feature allows players to immediately access the popular Hold the Jackpot™ bonus round with different levels of volatility to suit their preferences and offer unforgettable experiences.

Let your players Hold the Jackpot™ and get red-hot wins with Burning Sun™ featuring the incredible Sticky to Infinity™ mechanic!

The engagement-boosting Sticky to Infinity™ feature is back to help you generate better results. When combined with the player-favourite Hold the Jackpot™ bonus round, this innovative feature is a genuine game-changer, incessantly driving player engagement and enriching your repertoire in the best possible way.

Prepare to add Burning Sun™ to your gaming portfolio and amplify your results in a flash!

Burning Sun™
Burning Sun™

Game Info

Game type: Slots

Reels / Lines: 16 / 0

RTP: 96.12%

Max Win: 5000x bet

Volatility: Very High

Theme: Hot

Release date: 2022-11-24


Energy Saving Mode

Unique Gamble Feature

Hold the Jackpot™

Sticky to Infinity™

Volatility Levels™

Buy Feature

Ultra Fast Mode

Big Screen Mode



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