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Volatility Levels™

This unique feature gives the option to change the volatility level of each round played on a large selection of games, including all new titles. If high volatility is chosen, each win will be bigger but will occur less often. If low volatility level is chosen, each win will occur more often but will be of a lower value. Stick with standard mode to receive a mixed selection of both higher and lower volatility giving a more realistic gameplay. This feature puts the player in control.

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Energy Saving Mode

Once activated from the settings menu, this feature will extend the life of any device’s battery by a considerable amount while being on the move. This is mainly aimed towards all mobile devices like laptops, tablets and mobiles but will also work on desktop computers. It’s a great option when you are not close to a power source for charging as you will extend the life of the battery by roughly 40%. That’s nearly double!

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Unique Gamble Feature

The unique gamble feature can be activated after every win, including the accumulated amount collected from any Free Spins round. It’s an extra game in which players have a 50/50 chance to double their win in an instant. This can be repeated up to 7 times, making it a very attractive option for everyone. The feature differs on all new titles and is styled to match the individual theme of each game.

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Double Screen Mode

This feature is available to be viewed in three ways, by either going into the settings tab and selecting the feature, simply scrolling up on both mobile and desktop versions, or placing your mobile device in vertical mode. This is where the pay table for each game is shown and where win values of all game symbols can be seen, including special symbols like scatters and wilds. Rising the bet will automatically change the values in the pay table.