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January 30, 2020

BtoBet integrates Wazdan’s “Ultra Lite Mode”


New Partner | BtoBet| Europe | Ultra Lite Mode

BtoBet have penned an agreement to integrate Wazdan’s Ultra Lite Mode Games in its online casino content portfolio, as they bid to deliver an augmented player-centric betting experience for the African and Latin American markets through their new Neuron 3 betting platform. This agreement will see players in the regions benefit from launch speeds that are five times faster.

In emerging markets such as Africa and the LATAM regions, internet connectivity can be a challenge. However, it is a known fact that whilst smartphone use has grown, along with the desire to play games online, the user experience of gameplay has been poor, at best, due to the slower internet speeds available. Wazdan’s Ultra Lite Mode tackles this challenge, allowing players in poorly connected areas to enjoy speeds that are five times faster, without impacting the user experience.

Main benefits for the player consist of:

• less reliance on Internet connection;
• games will launch faster;
• high-quality audio and graphics;
• energy saving mode, which allows players to save up to 40% battery power.

All games are now available in 22 languages, including Spanish, and the values of minimum and maximum bets can be set to match the requirements in any market.

Sabrina Soldà, BtoBet’s Chief Marketing Officer, expressed her pleasure at the integration of Wazdan’s content. “Whilst LATAM and Africa offer a unique set of conundrums, we have made it our mission to ameliorate the player user experience, by not only adapting our core technology to the regions’ requirements, but also by partnering with key strategic partners that offer unique products for the region. I am confident that Wazdan’s Ultra Lite Mode Games will be a player favourite!” states Soldà.

“LATAM and Africa are interesting markets with unique circumstances that our games are well equipped to solve. Our features specifically tailored for these markets, particularly Ultra Lite Mode and Energy Saving Mode solve problems for players and providers in areas where battery and internet need to be conserved,” says Andrzej Hyla, Head of Sales, at Wazdan.

About BtoBet:

BtoBet is a multinational company and is part of a group with 20 years of experience in software development in IT, telecommunication, e-commerce and banking, strongly committed to technology and widely investing in technology research and development. The experience gained at the forefront in these advanced environments, compared with the more recent gambling industry, allows BtoBet to be visionary with a deep understanding of the requirements of the market, catching changing trends and anticipating bookmakers’ and operators’ needs. BtoBet is a true partner in technology, offering a standalone platform and services for the iGaming and Sports Betting industry. It counts on a very talented, continuously trained development team and day to day management support to clients. BtoBet allows licensees to be unique in the market, by giving them the opportunity to completely personalise their offers for Sports betting and iGaming business, online mobile and retail. Visit their site on:

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