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November 22, 2021 interview with Andrzej Hyla: We truly believe that there is always room for more innovation

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Interview | PokCas| Andrzej Hyla | Market Expansion | Volatility Levels™

Hello, could you please tell us more about yourself and your history with Wazdan?

Hello! Great to be chatting with you today. I’m Chief Commercial Officer at Wazdan with over 12 years of experience in the iGaming industry. I’m responsible for key commercial growth in major targeted regulated markets across the globe as we look to continue our notion of aggressive expansion. It has been such an exciting journey so far, I can’t wait to see where it leads.

What are Wazdan’s greatest achievements to date?

Wazdan has a strong history of providing consistently high-performing slot titles while being an ardent driver of innovation, integrity, and consistency.

Our prized collection of over 140 innovative slot products has been enjoyed by players in regulated markets across the globe for over a decade now. We hold licences and certifications to offer our games in a wide collection of markets, including the UK, Malta, Sweden, Romania, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Italy, Belarus, Greece, and Colombia. We have also entered the U.S. market in recent months and are now offering our games to players in New Jersey.

While we have won a number of prestigious awards, we all agree that our greatest achievement of late is the ever-increasing number of players that are enjoying our games across the globe.

Why do you think you stand out in the iGaming industry, what makes you different?

We not only create entertaining games, but we also give our players the freedom of choice by creating innovative customisable features, allowing players to adjust the game to their specific needs.

With our unique Volatility Levels™ feature, players can modify their win size and frequency on the fly! They can choose between high volatility that brings more big wins, but happens less often, low volatility, offering more frequent, but smaller wins, and the standard mode, where both win size and frequency are more balanced. In any case, with our Volatility Levels™ feature players are in complete control! This innovative feature can only be found in our games!

Players are always on the lookout for something new, and that’s why it’s so important for game suppliers to continue to create innovative features that capture the minds of our customers.

How do you trigger the player’s fun factor? What do you consider fun when it comes to casino games and their features such as music, bonus rounds and overall gameplay?

We understand that players don’t just want a title that offers them huge win potential, but also engages them with modern visuals, animations, and sounds, and most importantly has entertaining features.

Each new game we release utilizes a unique math model with easy-to-understand features, as well as gorgeous visuals and cutting-edge sounds to elevate the gameplay to new heights. Just take a look at our Hold the Jackpot™ titles! In each game in the series, the mechanic is tweaked to ensure our fans get a different experience every time. Now offering bigger jackpots, additional bonus symbols, new reel layouts, innovative features and cumulative prizes, our Hold the Jackpot™ titles are enjoyed by players all over the world!

What are the biggest challenges of being a casino game developer at this point? Do you think that there will be additional challenges in the near future?

Last year posed many challenges across the industry due to the pandemic. The demand for fresh content had never been higher, as more and more players entered the online gaming space for the first time thanks to the universal closure of land-based casinos.

With an increasing number of games being released every month, the industry is becoming highly saturated and game developers need to create games with innovative features, engaging themes and better visuals to stand out. It really has become a challenge to come up with something truly original.

Do you think that creative casino game developers will be releasing more non-standard games in the future? For example, multiplayer slots, games with a long storyline and similar.

We truly believe that there is always room for more innovation. However, novelties should never confuse players. New features, mechanics, and storylines must be intuitive and easy to understand.

We can’t forget that the main purpose of casino games is to provide players with entertainment, so as long as it has been well planned and researched, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t see more high-budget products on the market.

What do you think about cryptocurrencies and how do you think they mix with casino games and your own vision?

As mentioned before, we believe in freedom of choice for players, therefore, we’ve ensured that our games are available in 24 languages, as well as all currencies and cryptocurrencies. Players can find our games in the offerings of hundreds of reputable online casinos all over the world and enjoy them in a language and currency of their choosing.

What would you like to tell our readers who may not know if they have tried your games in the past, why do you think they should prioritise them?

Our games are truly enjoyable to play. They offer great prizes, engaging themes, superb graphics and sound effects, as well as innovative bonus rounds and customisable features. We create diverse content in order to cater to all types of players, from classic fruit machines to innovative video slots, and all of our 140+ games provide players with immersive experiences. We bring something to the table for everyone!

Thank you for your time, we will be looking forward to seeing your new game releases!

Thank you for having me!

Don’t miss out on our upcoming releases: Jelly Reels™ – a sweet adventure, offering smooth gameplay, 8 reels of action and a monumental 16,777,216 ways to win – and Power of Gods™: Medusa, which invites players to explore the legendary lair of Medusa and defeat the mythical snake-haired Gorgon. We’re sure players will have so much fun playing them. Stay tuned!

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