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September 27, 2021 interview with Michal Imiolek: We are focused on geographical expansion

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If you’re an online casino aficionado and a super slot spinner, then for you Wazdan is a household name. 

Wazdan is one of the leading iGaming curators in the business who provide cutting edge and best-in-class slot titles to some of the biggest and best online casinos in the world. And we’ve had the chance to sit with, well Zoom with, the innovative guru behind this unparalleled company, CEO Michal Imiołek, to pick his brain about the wonderful ways of Wazdan. 

From world expansion and award wins, to game creation and company operations, we’ve got the low-down on what it takes to be a world-renowned software provider and the exclusive on what their next moves are.  

So, without further ado, thank you Michal for your time, we are so excited to share your success story. Let the games begin…

What is Wazdan working on right now?

Strategy-wise, we are focused on geographical expansion. We’re continuously on the lookout for partners that align with our goals. We keep ourselves very busy.

Game-wise, we are planning a premiere of a new slot, Sizzling Bells™, on October 19th. It will be a modern take on classic slot machines, featuring stunning bells, lucky starts, juicy fruits, and huge Jackpots. Sizzling Bells™ is a deeply immersive slot with an innovative game match that boosts player engagement. We’ve put our heart and soul into it.

Wazdan has been expanding across the world, where is the next place on the agenda?

We are taking steps towards entering Michigan, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia soon. We’ve recently stepped into the Greek market as well. Wazdan is among the fastest-growing European slot development studios. We operate in 16 regulated markets on top of our MGA license, releasing 12 top-shelf titles annually and pooling the experience of over 150 people.

You have been nominated as a ‘Great Place to Work’, why is this? What is the culture of the company, and what are the perks for employees?

We know that what truly allows us to achieve our goals and hit new heights is our people. Founded by a group of genuinely enthusiastic, committed professionals, Wazdan has a sterling history to draw upon. Even to this day, having a true passion for games remains vital to our recruitment process. We aim to create an environment where people love to work, bringing unique ideas to life, and it’s something we see every day. It is a place that inspires innovation and excitement, and this comes through in our products. Wazdan has been recognised for the positive culture that it has fostered as well as the flexibility and adaptability it has shown in the last 12 months. And, obviously, we never forget about team-building events that add to the day-to-day Wazdan working experience. We believe that “passion for games” is more than a slogan, it is a mindset.

Who is the brain behind Wazdan’s games?

The Wazdan team comprises ambitious and hard-working members who hold themselves and each other to high standards. All aspects of Wazdan’s games are taken care of in-house – from graphics and concept to music and innovative math – this allows for the highest quality. Wazdan stands out from the crowd by providing over 140 unique, quality slots that give more choice and variety to players and casino owners alike. Delivering not just skins but new, unique mechanics with each new release is a must for everyone on the team (there’s always something new in each title!). We focus on simplicity in user experience, prioritising entertainment and performance.

What is a typical day at Wazdan like for you?

I start my average day of work by going over my schedule to make sure any calls or meetings are top of mind. I check the game stats from the previous day and go through my mailbox. This way, I get everything organised at the start of the day. I always try to reply to most critical emails straight away and give feedback or answer any questions my coworkers and clients may have. It is super crucial as my failure to do so may withhold others from completing their tasks. I then look over my to-do list and get started on the projects that have my top priority. In general, I am a very project-oriented person, so I like to keep an eye on everything I am involved in. Although it may be strange for some people, lunch is my catching-up session when I check gambling news and legislation changes. I spend most of my afternoon overseeing my team’s progress on various projects and attending previously planned meetings. If possible, I have a short chat and/or brainstorm with my senior managers. A large portion of my day is quite often spent on people and relationships. Even though I am often short of time and technology makes it much easier to contact people without having to schedule meetings, I prefer face-to-face communication.

As a CEO, I am at work all the time, but before I close my computer, I double-check to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything.

How many operators use your games?

Our games are available in hundreds of online casinos worldwide! We make sure they are released only to casinos licensed in regulated markets. Further, we don’t have one single game we’re known for. We focus on the quality of every release and refine the mechanics for each game – that takes time, of course; as I’ve mentioned, we release one new game monthly. These gems can be played at the biggest and most respected online casinos.

What unique and special features do your games have?

Let me start with the Volatility Levels™ feature – it allows players to create a truly unique gaming session by selecting how volatile they want their game to be – on any Wazdan slot. With a simple click of a button, a game can be tweaked to suit players’ preferences. While High Volatility brings bigger wins but less often, Low Volatility ushers in more frequent but smaller wins. There is also Standard Mode, where both win size and frequency are locked in. The truth is that we give players three unique games with every single game release, being the only provider in the world to offer this feature.

Another example is Cash Drop, a gamification tool that delivers cash prizes and other rewards to players. It’s a proven driver of engagement, and we’ve seen huge success from operator partners who opt in to use the tool.

Then, we have our Ultra Fast Mode (available on selected markets), which allows players to boost the gameplay to some pretty intense speeds without affecting the game algorithms, performance or its RTP. It’s for those who would prefer to skip some animation and enjoy a truly dynamic experience. Further, Ultra Lite Mode significantly decreases the game loading time, facilitating the gameplay for users with a slow internet connection, while Energy Saving Mode is a (battery) lifesaver aimed primarily at mobile players. 

Buy Feature (available on selected markets) is another one worth mentioning here. This easy-to-use feature is activated in just two clicks. It lets you get all of the desired bonuses in our latest games whenever you feel like it instead of having to wait for them to be activated during the gameplay randomly. 

Which game fits your personality the most and why?

Currently, my favorite one would be the most recent creation from the Power of Gods™ series – Power of Gods™: Hades. Both the theme of the game and its magnificent audio is a real treat for my “dark soul”. It is a super exciting production with amazing visual effects, filled with multiple features and, of course, our Hold the Jackpot™ functionality. Definitely something worth checking out!

What do you do to stay ahead of the competition?

We invest great attention to detail in outlining a clear roadmap for our games, which allows us to roll out thrilling new titles on a regular basis throughout the year. With a new slot released each month, we’re able to focus on quality and our math models to stand out in a crowded marketplace. With features that can be customized by players, we create a unique gaming experience. Wazdan games contain our collection of Unique and Special features, which gives players the ability to customize gameplay to their liking. 

Interview originally published on BitcoinCasinoKings

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