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August 12, 2022

AskGamblers interview with Andrzej Hyla: Wazdan’s Collect to Infinity™ and Cash Infinity™ boost player engagement

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Wazdan, one of the most prominent providers of casino games, has recently surprised everyone with a brand-new product called Magic Spins™, promising yet another extraordinary magical adventure.

The newest addition to Wazdan’s illustrious Hold the Jackpot™ collection is sure to pique the interest of players with its sophisticated mechanics and seemingly endless bonus features, joining the recently released Dwarfs Fortune™.

If, somehow, you missed this news – see what Wazdan’s Andrzej Hyla had to say about the whole thing. 

Everyone who has heard of Wazdan knows that your cutting-edge and innovative tools are your trademarks. You’ve recently launched two exceptional mechanics – Collect to Infinity™ and Cash Infinity™. How did that go? Are you happy with the aftermath of this launch?

Predicting how a new product or feature will be received is never easy. Still, we’re delighted to be able to say that both features have improved player engagement metrics to a massive degree since their implem­ent­ati­on. ­

This is best illustrated by Magic Spins™, which introduced the Collect to Infinity™ feature and experienced an exceptional launch. The game saw a 129% increase in bet sum in the first week after its launch compared to another top-performing title, Fortune Reels. 

In its first month, Magic Spins™ recorded a 158% increase in bet sum, which outshines the performance of one of the most popular titles in the Hold the Jackpot™ collection, Sun of Fortune. On top of that, we saw a dramatic increase in GGR in both the first week and first month, up by 158% and 168%, respectively. 

Meanwhile, 9 Coins™ with the Cash Infinity™ feature incredibly outperformed these numbers, quickly establishing itself as our best release of the year so far.

Has this launch affected player engagement, and if yes, was it all you’d hoped for?

All these features have, without exception, become very popular among players and have naturally also been well received by operators since player engagement has improved markedly in the follow-up to their introduction. 

We have recently increased the number of annual slot releases in our roadmap from 12 to 18 games, and our upcoming slots will offer more engagement-boosting mechanics, including the Sticky to Infinity™ feature and the Wild Rampage™ bonus round with the Hold & Collect™ mechanic. 

We can’t wait to see how these new features affect player engagement metrics.

What makes Collect to Infinity™ and Cash Infinity™ different from other potentially similar mechanics?

The patented features are offered as part of the Hold the Jackpot™ or Free Spins bonus rounds. 

The dynamic nature of the Collect to Infinity™ mechanic ensures that the Collector symbol works differently, depending on the game the player is enjoying at the time. 

In Magic Spins™, the Collector and Mega Collector symbols can appear either with a countdown or with the Collect to Infinity™ feature, which allows them to collect cash symbols till the end of the Hold the Jackpot™ bonus round. 

Meanwhile, in Sizzling Eggs™, the Collector symbols appear at the reels’ top row during the Free Spins round. These can be modified with the Collector Modifier symbols, including the Collect to Infinity™ symbol. The Collector symbols accumulate all values from Cash and Jackpot symbols drawn on the reels below. 

In our upcoming slot, Sizzling Kingdom™: Bison, the Collect to Infinity™ feature is available in both the Hold the Jackpot™ bonus game and the Free Spins round. In the Free Spins round, the Collect to Infinity™ feature is active throughout the bonus game, while in the Hold the Jackpot™ round, players need to draw a Collector modifier symbol to activate it. 

This time the Collector symbols appear on the top row of the reels, collecting Cash symbols values from the symbols drawn on the reels below.

9 Coins™ is the first game offering the Cash Infinity™ symbols that may randomly appear in the base game and stick to the reels until the Hold the Jackpot™ bonus game is activated. They award players with prizes ranging from 5x-10x their bet that can only be won in the bonus game. Drawing Cash Infinity™ symbols on the middle row of the reels, increases the chances of entering the Hold the Jackpot™ round.

As you can see, both features work differently in each new title, making each game engaging but also enhancing cross-sell opportunities as players become curious about how the feature will be implemented in games they haven’t tried yet. 

What are the unique features of Collect to Infinity™? And those of Cash Infinity™?

Wazdan’s Collect to Infinity™ feature adds to our toolkit of added-value solutions that guarantee a fun experience for even the most difficult-to-please players by continually enhancing their experience through high-immersion levels. This innovative feature guarantees next-level engagement and allows operators to generate better results.

Our new Cash Infinity™ mechanic is a game-changing solution that increases the chances of activating the bonus round. It’s an excellent retention boosting tool that also amplifies casino results.

The Sizzling Kingdom™: Bison, your upcoming slot release, is expected in mid-August. Why should players get excited about it?

In short, players can expect it to be our best title of the year! In addition to stunning graphics and animations, the game also delivers three bonus rounds: Hold the Jackpot™, Free Spins, and Wild Rampage™, perfectly combining our legacy features that Wazdan customers have grown to love with our newest innova­tio­ns. ­ ­

The game marks yet another addition to our esteemed Hold the Jackpot™ collection, where in this game, the stampeding of mighty bison provides chances to win prizes worth 5000x the stake in the flagship bonus round. 

Players will be familiar with some of the symbols that land on the reels in the game, such as Cash, Collector, Countdown Booster, and Mystery symbols, but will be delighted to see also Cash Rain™, Gallop, and brand new Level Up symbols. Making its return is also the ingenious Collect to Infinity™ feature, which resets the Collector countdown value to infinity, boosting player engagement – and our partner operators’ results.

During the Free Spins feature, only high-paying symbols are drawn on the reels, and apart from standard bet line wins, players can also draw Collector symbols with the Collect to Infinity™ feature. When the Free Spins feature ends, the prize is paid for the sum of bet line wins and Collector symbols’ values.

The brand-new Wild Rampage™ bonus round features the Hold & Collect™ mechanism and a stampede of Wild symbols, where collecting 24 Wilds awards players the Grand Jackpot. 

And if that wasn’t enough, the slot introduces an entirely new symbol, Level Up, which increases the Grand Jackpot level by one, up to Level 4, allowing for more substantial wins. 

Sizzling Kingdom™: Bison offers an entirely new level of engagement. It’s iGaming at its finest, and it’s available soon! We’re sure players will get immersed, win big, and come back for more.

What is your guiding thought in approaching new projects?

At Wazdan, we see ourselves as facilitators of growth, with innovation as our driving force. Our goal is to provide our partners and players with advanced experiences to offer both parties tangible value. Never one to rest on our laurels, we’re constantly on the lookout for the next innovation that can help us stand out from the crowd. 

By constantly enhancing our offering and adding new engagement-boosting solutions, we stay true to our promise of supporting partner growth through a commitment to innovation, and we are starting to receive widespread recognition of this.

Interview originally published on AskGamblers

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