November 4, 2022

5 Reasons You Don’t Want to Miss Wazdan Booth at SiGMA Europe 2022


Industry Events | SiGMA Europe | 14–18 November 2022 | Malta

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Are you attending SiGMA Europe in Malta on November 14–18th? Come and see us at booth B46 to get familiar with our premium offering! Don’t miss out on your chance of standing out from the casino crowd with unique content and meeting a reliable partner who understands the intricacies of the strictest legal requirements across jurisdictions.

In case you might have missed it…

Wazdan is one of the fastest-growing iGaming content studios based in Malta. We are proud to lead the way on innovation in casino content development, boasting over 10 years of accolades and more than 150 games in our portfolio. Present in over 20 markets and jurisdictions worldwide, we are focused on expanding our footprint in Europe and beyond. Most recently, we have further reinforced our presence throughout the Baltics and Balkans, as well as in the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland. More than 50 of our best-performing games are already certified across New Jersey, West Virginia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Ontario. And we’re not stopping our expansion here!

If this hasn’t convinced you enough to meet with us, let us give you more reasons below!

1. You will find out that you can target different player segments with one game only

Are you still one of those casinos whose title selection revolves around segments of players and their waging preferences? Is it either recreational players OR high rollers? Then you should definitely get familiar with Volatility Levels™, our ingenious, operator-favourite tool. It allows players to set and change their preferred volatility at any time during the gameplay, accommodating all types of players, from recreational to VIPs! On top of this, its extended capabilities provide casinos with advanced tools to target selected player groups. This feature is the crown of our offering, so do not forget to ask us about it!

2. You’ll explore another dimension of customisation

Customisation is the secret formula to engagement. It keeps players satisfied, loyal, and coming back for more. We dare to claim we have grown our cutting-edge player customisation suite to an unparalleled level. Whatever your users need, we have it! Every single game comes with multiple settings and features that allow players to personalise and control their gameplay–from screen display options and battery saving mode through game loading time and game pace settings to adjustable volatility, on-demand access to desired bonuses, and a chance to double wins. All this, paired with our mobile-first philosophy, makes our games resonate with players more than ever. Shall we continue? We’ll be happy to fill you in!

3. We’ll make integration feel like a walk in the park

Enjoy a fast track in launching our games, whether by integrating directly with us or a renowned aggregator. We can make your integration with us happen in as little as one day. We achieved this before. And it’s not a tall story, maybe a little bit of a brag. While we are aware that this may not always be the case, we aspire to minimise our turnaround time. No matter the API and your technical requirements, we’ve probably been there, done that, and will make the process as effortless as possible. Not interested in direct integration? Worry not! Our portfolio of top-performing games is also available through a selection of well-known aggregators. Whatever your preference, we will make it happen for you and provide our expert technical support!

4. You’ll brush up on leading-edge iGaming technology that keeps your KPIs in shape

Gone are the days of undemanding players. Now, they’re constantly on the lookout for more engagement and innovative ways to win. The struggle for player attention and retention is real. Enter cutting-edge iGaming technology dressed in top-notch game design! Or, as you wish, Wazdan’s outstanding solutions portfolio. Advancing the iGaming technology has become our second name, and we continually expand our engagement suite to guarantee enjoyment and results. From all-time player favourite Hold the Jackpot™ series and games that come with as many as three bonus rounds through a plethora of record-breaking features (such as Collect to Infinity™, Cash Infinity™, and Sticky to Infinity™) to fully customisable promotional tools–we’ve got all it takes to keep your players contented and your metrics skyrocketing! Are you seeking new ways to optimise your performance? Come and pick our brains; let’s take your business to new heights!

5. You’ll get a taste of the diversity that wins the hearts of players worldwide

Not all games are created equal, just as there are no two players with exactly the same taste in games. With this in mind, we keep our portfolio miscellaneous and make sure it spans across player preferences and encompasses a variety of themes, mechanics, sophistication levels, in-game features, ways to win, and customisable settings. From pop culture themes through ancient mythologies to classic retro vibes, we cater to all player tastes and never let the excitement wear off. With 18 annual cross-platform HTML5 releases, always fresh themes, state-of-the-art mechanics, and a promise of ramped-up engagement levels, our games continuously live up to players’ expectations and make casinos stay ahead of the tech curve. But the proof is in the eating–come and see what we’ve got!

Feeling curious?

Visit booth B46 at SiGMA Europe and while away some time with our team! We will be happy to assist you in exploring our offering and share our passion for gaming. Do come round and check if we’re a good match for you. If you would like to get our exclusive time and attention during the event and dive deeper into our offering, make sure to book a meeting.

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