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A brand-new title with the popular oriental theme

Incredibly engaging Sticky to Infinity™ feature

The player-favourite Hold the Jackpot™ bonus round

Innovative Chance Level feature

A massive Grand Jackpot of 1500x player’s bet

Customisation tools such as Volatility Levels™, Buy Feature, and many more

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Sticky to Infinity™

Players stick for more spins thanks to this intriguing feature!

It is a well-known fact that players love symbols that guarantee cash prizes. Sticky to Infinity™ does exactly that as it may appear during the base game and sticks to the reels until the end of the Hold the Jackpot™ round. Sticky to Infinity™ can take the shape of either Mystery symbol or Jackpot Mystery symbol, which transform into different symbols at the end of the bonus round. To make the feature even more exciting, when it appears in the base game, it also increases the chances of triggering Hold the Jackpot™, a true treat for all players.

Hold the Jackpot™

The player-favourite, for obvious reasons!

Hold the Jackpot™ is by now a feature that many players know by heart and look for, as it is where the biggest of wins present themselves. To trigger this bonus round, players must land at least 6 bonus symbols. During Hold the Jackpot™ all bonus symbols stick to the reels, and as the bonus game continues, players can draw Cash, Collector, Jackpot, Mystery and Jackpot Mystery symbols. All prizes from these symbols will be paid out after all re-spins are used, unless all reels are filled up, which grants the Grand Jackpot of x1500 player’s bet.

Chance Level

A way to get into the bonus round easier!

Since Hold the Jackpot™ is the part of the game that players are looking forward to the most, the Chance Level feature had been implemented in Moon of Fortune™ to facilitate getting the required amount of bonus symbols. There are 4 levels players can choose from during the game using this feature, the default level corresponding to the base bet. The other x2, x4, and x6 levels multiply the bet while the prizes stay unaffected. In exchange, the chances of getting into the bonus round are increased as many times as the bet.

Unique Gamble Feature

Double-or-nothing any win!

In Moon of Fortune™ players are given the opportunity of doubling their prize with every win. To do this, they only need to use the Unique Gamble Feature and choose the correct colour of the gem. This may be done up to seven times in a row on every win, and if someone is feeling lucky, they may even try to double the Grand Jackpot.

Volatility Levels™

Adjusting the gameplay to suit any needs!

Wazdan makes sure that each and every game can be easily customized to suit any needs players may have. Volatility Levels™ showcases this the best, as it allows anyone to adjust the size and frequency of wins to satisfy given requirements.

Buy Feature

Starting the bonus round with just two clicks!

As many players are known to be impatient and want to get straight to the action, Buy Feature has been included in Moon of Fortune™. Players are given the option to choose from one of the five entry levels and instantly trigger the Hold the Jackpot™ bonus round with chosen symbols. Buy Feature is documented to provide exceptional results as our data shows that players produce 2.5 more revenue when they utilise this function.

Big Screen Mode

Zooming in and out anytime during the game!

When players feel like keeping a close eye on the spinning reels, Big Screen Mode comes in handy. This feature enables anyone to choose how meticulously they want to observe the unfolding gameplay of Moon of Fortune™.

Ultra Fast Mode

For players that like to speed towards the prizes!

Wazdan understands quite well that for some players the default speed of the spinning reels might be too slow. To react to this, Ultra Fast Mode is additionally present in the customisation package included in the game. With this feature, players may choose one out of three different gameplay velocities, making sure that everyone finds the one that suits them best.

The moon is sure to bring exceptional results in this slot!

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