15 Coins™

15 Coins™ is a game-changing title adding a lot of spice to the already unique formula!

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Popular 9 Coins™ series

Popular 9 Coins™ series

With its unique math model, 15 Coins™ is a great addition to the world-conquering 9 Coins™ series and provides the same, if not greater, amounts of satisfaction to the players as its predecessors.

Cash Infinity™

Cash Infinity™

Cash Infinity™ is an engagement-boosting tool that enables 15 Coins™ to provide players with a thrilling gaming experience and takes care of casinos’ metrics.

Hold the Jackpot™

Hold the Jackpot™

The inclusion of the player-favourite Hold the Jackpot™ bonus round makes 15 Coins™ an even more exciting slot to play, as this additional bonus game provides countless hours of fun even for the most demanding players.

Chance Level™

Chance Level™

The newest addition to the 9 Coins™ series includes a win-promoting novelty that enables players to customise the experience and increase their chances of entering the bonus round.

Unique math, player-oriented features, and a top-notch design. These are qualities of the extraordinary 15 Coins™ slot – a title players can't get enough of.

When playing 15 Coins™ boredom is out of the equation – all of this thanks to a field-tested implementation of innovative and beloved mechanics such as Cash Infinity™ and Hold the Jackpot™. An additional sprinkle of excitement is appended by the Chance Level™ – a simple yet very effective way of boosting player engagement.

By incorporating the 15 Coins™ into your offering, you will be on the straight and narrow path to experiencing the results you have been dreaming of!

15 Coins™
15 Coins™

Game Info

Game type: Slots

Reels / Lines: 15 / 0

RTP: 96.07%

Max Win: 1000x bet

Volatility: High

Series: 9 Coins™

Theme: Treasure

Release date: 2023-06-07


Energy Saving Mode

Unique Gamble Feature

Chance Level™

Hold the Jackpot™

Cash Infinity™

Volatility Levels™

Ultra Fast Mode

Big Screen Mode


30+ Languages

All Currencies

All Platforms

Quick API Integration

All Major Aggregators


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