Hot Slot™: Mystery Jackpot Joker

Experience your numbers going mysteriously high and players shockingly engaged with Hot Slot™: Mystery Jackpot Joker!

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Mystery Joker Jackpot Game

Mysterious Jackpots are now in town, making Mystery Joker Jackpot Game an intriguing bonus round that is certain to catch a lot of attention. The rules of this bonus round are simple – players need to enter it and then just simply win! To trigger this exhilarating mechanic players need to cover all 3 reels with Mystery Jackpot Joker symbols. When the Mystery Joker Jackpot Game is activated, players have a chance to draw MINOR, MAJOR, JOKER, or GRAND Jackpots that are randomly drawn. Those jackpots award prizes ranging from 15x-100x, 100x-300x, 300x-600x, or 1000x player’s bet respectively. Want to experience growth in revenue? This feature will do the trick!

Magic Respin

Getting into the Mystery Joker Jackpot Game can be tricky but fear not! To the aid of your players comes an exciting Magic Respin feature, which makes triggering the bonus game a piece of cake. When 6 Mystery Jackpot Joker symbols are drawn on two reels, players can buy Magic Respins to spin the remaining reel for a chance to draw 3 more symbols and enter the mighty Mystery Joker Jackpot Game. The Magic Respinning can last as long as players wish because two reels are locked in place while only the third one is spun, and each Respin costs 20x the player’s bet. It is a great way to keep your players glued to the screens in the most engaging way!

Wild Symbol

The sound of bells attached to the jester’s hat heralds great winnings, for the win-promoting Wild symbol is one spin away! This exciting symbol substitutes for other symbols, except for Scatter and Special symbols. It also has the highest value in the game, so players should look forward to drawing a few Wilds on the reels!

Scatter Symbol

This shiny symbol is a great tool encouraging players to spin the reels of this exciting Hot Slot™! It comes in the form of a star that lights the path to fortune for your players! Drawing 3 Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels pays the win equal to 10x the player’s bet!

3 Reels, 5 Paylines

You've found the perfect slot if you're looking to diversify your grid with captivating graphics, a fantastic soundtrack, and an out-of-the-box bonus game. The combination of unique features with a retro vibe is guaranteed to make this remarkable slot a hit!

Mega Wins

Hot Slot™: Mystery Jackpot Joker offers a variety of Jackpots to be won in the Mystery Joker Jackpot Game. Emotions among the players will be running high, for when they enter the bonus round, they can leave with a whopping Grand Jackpot that equals 1000x player’s bet!

Unique Gamble Feature

Players can toss a coin to double their winnings up to 7 times in a row. This includes doubling the Grand Jackpot winnings if players dare to risk it!

Volatility Levels™

To provide players with freedom of choice, Hot Slot™: Mystery Jackpot Joker offers Wazdan’s flagship feature – three Volatility Levels™. Players can modify their win size and frequency as they please, which grants them a firm grip over their experience.

Buy Feature

This Wazdan special feature allows players, who seek the most thrilling part of the gameplay, to enter the bonus round immediately. This function offers four entry levels, each with different volatility, to aid the player’s efforts for fortune. What is more, our data demonstrate that players who use the Buy Feature generate at least 2.5 times more revenue than ones who don’t.

Big Screen Mode

PC, mobile, or tablet – the 3 mysterious reels of Hot Slot™: Mystery Jackpot Joker look simply amazing! The Big Screen Mode allows players to catch every detail of this dazzlingly animated slot and takes immersion to the next level!

Ultra Fast Mode

Every Wazdan game is developed with the user’s experience in mind so that players can easily customise their gameplay using our special features. Ultra Fast Mode makes playing more dynamic than ever before, providing a lively playing experience, and speeding up your profit growth.

The Hot Slot™ series is proven to provide everything players would like to see in a slot and the effects our partners want to witness in terms of their numbers. That is why we are excited to introduce the brand-new Hot Slot™: Mystery Jackpot Joker – a slot that is sure to do both and exceed all expectations!

Hot Slot™: Mystery Jackpot Joker includes features that will catch every online slot enthusiast’s eye, for they make gameplay even more exciting and provide mechanics that boost engagement to the highest level. The combination of the new Mystery Joker Jackpot Game with a Magic Respin tool makes the gameplay structured in the most exhilarating way possible, especially since the Grand Jackpot is worth 1000x player’s bet and every entry into the bonus round offers a chance to walk away with the ultimate prize.

If boosting the engagement of your fanbase and thus generating higher revenue is your goal, then search no more – the exciting Hot Slot™: Mystery Jackpot Joker is the right slot for the job!

Hot Slot™: Mystery Jackpot Joker
Hot Slot™: Mystery Jackpot Joker

Game Info

Game type: Slots

Reels / Lines: 3 / 5

RTP: 96.11%

Max Win: 1000x bet

Volatility: Volatility Levels™ (Low, Standard, High)

Release date: 2022-12-15




Mystery Joker Jackpot Game

Magic Respin

Energy Saving Mode

Unique Gamble Feature

Volatility Levels™

Buy Feature

Ultra Fast Mode

Big Screen Mode


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