12 Coins™

Let your players experience deeply engaging gameplay thanks to innovative math model in 12 Coins™.

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Coins™ series nominations

Coins™ series nominations

The remarkable Coins™ series has been nominated in 2 categories at the CasinoBeats Game Developer Awards 2024: Game Mechanic of the Year and Game Feature of the Year, proving that its unique math is worth the play.

Cash Infinity™

Cash Infinity™

Witness a great boost in your metrics thanks to this flagship feature which lifts every title to the top-performing status by promoting better wins and enhancing player engagement.

Hold the Jackpot™

Hold the Jackpot™

The immersive bonus round is the heart of the action in this slot as in it players can land various combinations and win attractive prizes, such as the lucrative Grand Jackpot.

Unique Game Math

Unique Game Math

12 Coins™ introduces an extraordinary type of gameplay by paying solely in the bonus round and shifting the centre of excitement in an entirely unparalleled direction.

Top-performing 9 Coins™ series

Top-performing 9 Coins™ series

With an addition of 3 more reels and the increased value of the Grand Jackpot, 12 Coins™ is bound to generate the same, if not better, results as its predecessors and become a top-performing title.

Cash Infinity™ Awards

Cash Infinity™ Awards

Cash Infinity™ has been recognised at the CasinoBeats Game Developer Awards for its unprecedented engagement capabilities, earning two nominations for Game Mechanic of the Year 2023 and Game Innovation Spotlight Awards.

12 Coins™ is a slot created to provide players with an at-the-edge-of-their-seat experience that delivers satisfactory results for our partners. This is achieved by the introduction of a 12-reel layout to the proven 9 Coins™ formula which merges unique game math with the Hold the Jackpot™ bonus round enhanced by the player-favourite Cash Infinity™ mechanic.

If high-quality gameplay with immersive graphics are the things you look for in a slot, 12 Coins™ will meet your needs.

Add this golden slot to your portfolio and enjoy the results you want.

12 Coins™
12 Coins™

Game Info

Game type: Slots

Reels / Lines: 12 / 0

RTP: 96.13%

Max Win: 750x bet

Volatility: High

Series: Coins™

Theme: Treasure

Release date: 2023-05-24


Energy Saving Mode

Unique Gamble Feature

Hold the Jackpot™

Cash Infinity™

Volatility Levels™

Buy Feature

Ultra Fast Mode

Big Screen Mode


30+ Languages

All Currencies

All Platforms

Quick API Integration

All Major Aggregators


Malta icon United Kingdom icon Ontario icon Sweden icon Romania icon Greece icon Denmark icon Lithuania icon Latvia icon Estonia icon Spain icon Portugal icon Switzerland icon Colombia icon Poland icon Czech Republic icon

12 Coins™ - read more

Have you enjoyed the titles of the 9 Coins™ series? Do you want more of the same but maybe with a twist this time around? Don’t look any further as the new addition to the series, 12 Coins™, has everything you are looking for.

Based on the beloved mechanics of the previous titles, 12 Coins™ combines the known and adored features of its predecessors with a completely new reel layout which is sure to make the coins rain even more often. The game takes place on 12 reels this time around but the exceptional Cash Infinity™ feature is still present. Similarly, the Hold the Jackpot bonus game makes its reappearance with the Grand Jackpot culminating at 750x your bet. That is a serious prize!

Everything in 12 Coins™ has been polished to the highest standard. The great sound design keeps you company during your games and hypes up the best of the rounds. The gameplay is as smooth as ever or maybe even more with the coins rolling on the reels almost like they are on roller skates. The graphics don’t only make the game look gorgeous but also make it more dynamic. What also makes the gameplay energizing, is the unique system in which no prizes can be won in the base game, but a great fortune awaits inside the bonus rounds!

The Hold the Jackpot bonus game is where all the magic happens and all the cash flows. To get the bonus round to start, you first need to draw four bonus symbols in the middle row, after that’s done get ready for some action. When the bonus game is triggered, you are awarded with 3 Re-Spins and each time you land a new bonus symbol, the Re-Spins are refreshed. Here you can land different symbols, the most basic being the Cash symbols which award a 1x-5x your bet. Next, the Cash Infinity™ symbols range from 5x-10x your bet. Mini, Minor, and Major symbols earn you a corresponding Jackpot while the Collector symbols accumulate all values from Cash and Cash Infinity™ symbols and multiply them by 1x-20x. Last but certainly not least are the Mystery symbols, which transform into any other cash symbols except Cash Infinity™. Jackpot Mystery symbols, on the other hand, transform into one of the Jackpot symbols. When all is good and done the prizes are accumulated and paid to you, unless of course, you have filled all 12 of the reels, then you are awarded with the Grand Jackpot earning you a whopping 750x your bet!

Next, let’s talk about the fan favourite, Cash Infinity™ symbol. During the base game you may encounter the Cash Infinity™ symbol which, after being drawn, sticks to the given reel until the end of the next Hold the Jackpot bonus game. The Cash Infinity™ symbols award you with prizes but they are collected only after the bonus round has ended. Additionally, landing a Cash Infinity™ symbol in the middle row greatly increases your chances of triggering a bonus round!

If the winnings of the bonus game are not enough for you, you can always try your luck with the Unique Gamble Feature. With this feature, you can double your winnings after every bonus round with a simple coin toss. This can be done up to 7 times and if you’re feeling extra lucky, you can even try to double the Grand Jackpot!

Similar to other Wazdan slots, 12 Coins™ comes equipped with certain features allowing you to freely customise your gameplay. The Volatility Levels™ feature enables you to adjust the size of the prizes alongside their frequency. The Big Screen Mode presents you with two zoom options to get your eyes closer on the reels, and focus entirely on the ensuing action. Ultra Fast Mode gives you the option of speeding up the game, if you’d rather concentrate on the results rather than the animations.

Lastly, we have the Buy Feature which will allow you to instantly access the Hold the Jackpot bonus game through 5 different entry levels. Each of the entry levels, awards you with different starting symbols, so you can freely choose between what you would like at the given moment. If you prefer to get right into the action, this feature will be right down your alley.

If you are looking for an engaging experience similar to that of the 9 Coins™ series, but also want a breath of fresh air, you can’t go wrong with 12 Coins™. The 12-reel layout combined with the well-liked Cash Infinity™ and Hold the Jackpot features provides you with some great fun and grand win potential.

12 Coins™ will make you spin all day long and with such prizes it can’t go wrong!

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