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The new and innovative addition to the top-performing 9 Coins™ series

Player-favourite Cash Infinity™ feature

Win-promoting Chance Level™ mechanic

Hold the Jackpot™ bonus round with an 1500x player’s bet Grand Jackpot

The exciting, engagement-boosting Sticky to Infinity™ feature

Modernised 20-reel layout

Wazdan customisation options of Volatility Levels™, Buy Feature, and much more

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Cash Infinity™

A beloved feature, coming back to engage players once again!

Few things capture a player's attention quite like a symbol that not only offers cash rewards but also paves the way to the bonus round. Enter Cash Infinity™, excelling in both aspects! Once this symbol lands, it clings to the reels until the conclusion of the bonus round, where it generously pays out its value. If this symbol happens to grace the middle column of reels, it significantly simplifies the process of triggering the bonus round, leaving every player exhilarated and eager for more.

Hold the Jackpot™

The bonus round that players are striving to get into!

For many players, Hold the Jackpot™ is a familiar and exhilarating bonus round that needs no introduction. To initiate this thrilling experience, players must first land 5 Bonus symbols on the middle column of the reels. As the bonus round kicks off, players receive 3 Re-spins, with the count resetting each time a new symbol graces the reels. Within this captivating round, players will encounter Cash, Cash Infinity™, Jackpot, Mystery, Jackpot Mystery, and Collector Bonus symbols. As the round draws to a close, all symbol values are tallied and awarded as the prize. However, if a player successfully fills all the reels with these captivating symbols, they earn the ultimate Grand Jackpot reward, a remarkable 1500x their bet – an achievement that will leave them exhilarated and eager for more.

Chance Level™

Making the bonus round even more accessible!

In 20 Coins™, players can harness the power of the Chance Level™ mechanic, with 3 levels to choose from: 2x, 4x, and 6x each multiplying the base bet by the corresponding factor. This feature not only raises the stakes but also elevates the odds of accessing the bonus round. Opting for a higher multiplier significantly enhances the likelihood of triggering the Hold the Jackpot™ bonus round. It's also worth noting that the values on the paytable remain consistent and align with the base bet values.

Sticky to Infinity™

A brand-new addition to the 9 Coins™ series!

Sticky to Infinity™ feature may appear in the game attached to either the Mystery or Jackpot Mystery symbols, which makes them stick to the reels until the conclusion of the Hold the Jackpot™ Bonus Game. Moreover, when one of these Sticky to Infinity™ symbols graces the middle column of the reels, it substantially heightens the chances of triggering the Hold the Jackpot™ Bonus Game, injecting an additional layer of excitement into the gameplay.

20 Reels

Going a step further in the series’ design!

20 Coins™ wants to stand out from its precursors by showcasing a whole new 20-reel layout. With so many reels, there is a lot of room to take advantage of every single mechanic presented in the game, going straight for the biggest wins players may imagine.

Volatility Levels™

Changing volatility to suit anyone’s needs!

Volatility Levels™, a well-known feature among Wazdan enthusiasts, empowers players to select their preferred volatility level from the 3 options provided. This feature offers a flexible way to tailor the gameplay to suit a wide range of player preferences.

Buy Feature

Accessing the bonus round with just two clicks!

In the 9 Coins™ series, it's evident that the main attraction for players lies within the Hold the Jackpot™ bonus round. The same holds true for 20 Coins™, and to facilitate easier entry into this thrilling feature, the Buy Feature is incorporated. Players can conveniently select one of the 5 entry levels and dive directly into the spectacular bonus round. This feature has a strong track record of delivering impressive results, with our data revealing that players who utilise it generate 2.5 times more revenue compared to those who don't.

Unique Gamble Feature

Doubling any prize with a game of chance!

Wazdan has enhanced 20 Coins™ with the Unique Gamble Feature, providing players with the opportunity to double their winnings. By selecting the correct colour of the spinning gem, players can multiply their wins. This can be repeated up to seven consecutive times, and for those seeking an extra dose of luck, there's a chance to double the Grand Jackpot as well!

Ultra Fast Mode

Accelerating the gameplay to suit personal preferences!

Ultra Fast Mode gives players the flexibility to expedite their gameplay as desired. With a choice of three different speeds, players can either accelerate the rounds or decelerate them at their discretion throughout the game.

20 reels are ready to be filled with huge wins and player engagement!

Amplify your retention rates like never before by including 20 Coins™ in your offer!

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