Dwarfs Fortune™

Discover infinite dwarven treasures hidden deep in the mines of Dwarfs Fortune™!

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Increasing Value Sticky Bonus symbols

Increasing Value Sticky Bonus symbols

This feature helps players by boosting their chances of triggering the lucrative Hold the Jackpot™ bonus round by sticking to the reels for up to 9 re-spins, but also increasing their value with every spin.

Hold the Jackpot™

Hold the Jackpot™

Hold the Jackpot™ is the centre of immersion and gameplay in this unique slot, as it offers great Jackpots and exciting gameplay that keeps the players on the edge of their seats.

Multiplier symbol

Multiplier symbol

A multiplier symbol can only be drawn on the top row of the reels and multiply the total win, thus making the gameplay engaging for each spin offers a chance of increasing players’ fortune.

Buy Feature

Buy Feature

A wise dwarf once said that dwarves are natural sprinters. That’s why Dwarfs Fortune™ includes the Buy Feature – to shorten the distance between players and the Hold the Jackpot™ bonus round!

Invite your players to embark on an exciting journey in search of untold riches in Dwarfs Fortune™.

As players work their way through the mines, their goal is to reach greater depths and trigger the Hold the Jackpot™ bonus round that can reward them with Jackpots as high as 2,500x their bet! Innovative Increasing Value Cash symbols and Collector symbols unite their powers to boost players’ engagement.

Dwarfs Fortune™ combines easy-to-understand mechanics with a collection of innovative new features to create the ultimate gaming experience.

Dwarfs Fortune™
Dwarfs Fortune™

Game Info

Game type: Slots

Reels / Lines: 5 / 0

RTP: 96.16%

Max Win: 2500x bet

Volatility: High

Theme: Treasure

Release date: 2022-03-09


Double Screen Mode

Energy Saving Mode

Unique Gamble Feature

Hold the Jackpot™

Volatility Levels™

Buy Feature

Ultra Fast Mode

Big Screen Mode

Increasing Value Sticky Bonus symbol



30+ Languages

All Currencies

All Platforms

Quick API Integration

All Major Aggregators


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Wazdan released yet another exciting Hold the Jackpot title, this time taking the action deep underground to a mine coated in precious gems and stones in their new release, Dwarfs Fortune™. Jump into a minecart, mines full of treasures are waiting to be found in Dwarfs Fortune™!

Inspired by dwarves culture and their ability to fashion beautiful objects from raw elements, the new game takes place on a set of 5 reels that overlays a gloomily lit mine, with glowing metals and sparkling gemstones lining the walls in all directions.

As you’d expect with a slot from Wazdan an online casino software provider, the graphics are superb, while the animations and the music create an immersive gaming experience. The symbols are shiny gems that sparkle as you spin the reels, and you need to collect 5 symbols of-a-kind to get a win. Cool minecarts make their way across the top row of the reels, bringing Wilds, Multipliers up to x7, and other Bonus symbols for bigger wins. Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work we go!

Are you ready for a rollercoaster ride to riches? As you work your way through the mines of Dwarfs Fortune™, your goal is to reach greater depths and trigger the Hold the Jackpot bonus round that can reward you with riches as high as 2,500x your bet!

You need 6 Bonus symbols of any type to trigger this lucrative bonus round. To boost your chances to do so, you can use innovative Increasing Value Sticky Bonus symbols that not only stick to the reels for up to 9 re-spins, but also increase their value with every spin.

Once you make it to the bonus round, you’ll collect various Bonus symbols. Diamond-shaped Cash symbols offer prizes up to 15x player’s bet, while the value of new Increasing Value Cash symbols, that come in shape of golden diamonds, increases to infinity with every Re-Spin.

There are also Special Bonus symbols that can only appear on the top row of the reels. Jackpot symbols award corresponding Mini, Minor, and Major Jackpots. Mystery symbols can transform into any other Bonus symbol, while Dwarfs Mystery symbols guarantee a Jackpot win. Finally, innovative Collector symbols accumulate all values from Cash and Increasing Value Cash symbols drawn on the reels below up to 9 times. Filling that golden minecart to the brim with golden diamonds brings huge prizes that can increase to infinity. Cha-ching!

Behold! Massive Jackpots are only a spin away! If you manage to collect all 20 Bonus symbols, your hard work will be rewarded with the Grand Jackpot of 2,500x your bet!

Deep in the underground mines of Dwarfs Fortune™, there’s a hidden treasure for anyone to find, if only you know where to look! The easiest way to uncover huge Jackpots is to use the Buy Feature that allows you to trigger the exciting Hold the Jackpot bonus at any time. What is more, you will be able to choose between four bonus entry levels, each awarding additional Bonus symbols. How cool is that?

Dwarfs Fortune™ is filled to the brim with Unique Wazdan’s Features, including custom Volatility Levels™, allowing you to adjust game volatility to your preferences.

If you’re looking for a gaming experience that ticks every box, Dwarfs Fortune™ is the one for you. With excellent design, captivating soundtrack, smooth gameplay, and innovative, yet easy-to-understand features, this new game is a real gem in your hands!

Why get your hands dirty digging around for treasure when you can simply spin the reels of Dwarfs Fortune™ for the chance to win the Grand Jackpot worth 2,500x? Discover infinite dwarven treasures hidden deep in the mines of Dwarfs Fortune™!

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