Feel the Passion!

Gaming is our passion, imagination is our fuel.
At Wazdan, we live and breathe gaming.

About us

Wazdan is the synergy of several different entities coming together to create the innovative company you see before you today. Proudly built on honesty and solid values, our company started its journey with a few individuals being brought together by their Passion for Games.

Responsible Gaming

Enjoy our Games Responsibly

Our games are designed for entertainment in a socially responsible way. Fair play and responsible gaming are at the core of our game design. We proud ourselves in being regulated and certified to offer our games in the world’s leading regulatory regimes. We design our games with the flexibility to offer all the responsible gaming features as required in many jurisdictions.

Why trust us?

Every one of our clients is as important to us

as the service we provide. Our aim is to maximise our clients’ revenue by providing engaging cutting-edge innovative online gaming solutions you can trust and believe in. Today, our team consists of over 150 passionate people who share a common vision, know-how, and passion for forging a solid product from a strong company delivering professionalism and style.

Client benefits

We offer our clients a tailored service

in accordance with their individual requirements, from simply integrating a selection of our games to an existing platform, to creating the actual online casino itself. Our clients can benefit from an accumulation of many years’ experience and a vast array of industry knowledge. Currently, we are producing over 12 new in-house titles a year, enhancing our portfolio of over 130 games.

Mission and vision

Our founders combined their knowledge and expertise

to create Wazdan and our mission is to create and establish long-term relationships with our customers, constantly listening to their needs, to provide the best possible solutions which are second to none. We want to share our passion and our experience with you!

Wazdan History

Wazdan was created by a team of great people fascinated by games. We have been creating games and platforms for more than 10 years and we are constantly developing and growing. We are convinced that perfection is ahead of us and in this direction, we are consistently striving to be the best at what we do.

Our Team

Wazdan is a team of visionaries bound together by their passion for games. What makes us stand out from the crowd are the inspiring, talented people behind our products – they are the heart and soul of our company. Our goal is to give the best of ourselves, in accordance with the core values of our company: creativity, innovation and gaming passion! Meet the wonderful people behind Wazdan!

Michal Imiolek
Andrzej Hyla
Bekki D'Agata
Head of Business Development for Europe and North America
Albert Bellavista
Head of Business Development for Spain & Latin America
Elzbieta Bilnik
Head of Design
Tomasz Tajeldin
Senior CRM Specialist
Maciej Grajewski
CRM Specialist
Magdalena Wojdyla
Senior Account Manager
Izabela Slodkowska
Senior Account Manager
Aurelia Szymon
Account Manager
Lukasz Trawka
Account Manager
Bartlomiej Kubat
Account Manager
Maja Wisniewska
Account Manager
Katarzyna Olewinska
Account Manager
Marcin Trafialek
Account Manager