Haunted Hospital

Haunted Hospital

有胆量到闹鬼的医院住上一晚吗?这款怪诞的 3 转轴 27 赔付线老虎机会让您彻夜狂欢!

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Game info

Game name:

Haunted Hospital


Game type:

Slot Games

Reels / Lines:

3 / 27



Max Win:

820x bet

Game features:

Scatter, Free Spins, Wild, Mystery Bonus

Unique Wazdan Features:

bigScreenMode ultraFastMode ultraLiteMode volatilityLevels


Volatility Levels™ (Low, Standard, High)

Supported Platform:

Supported OS:


Haunted Hospital

Game description

有胆量到闹鬼的医院住上一晚吗?这款怪诞的 3 转轴 27 赔付线老虎机会让您彻夜狂欢!在医院大厅里寻找出去的路,沿途收集符号便可赢取现金,而找到 3 个 Scatter 符号还能获得免费旋转机会赢取更多奖励。此外,在黑暗的角落搜寻,没准就能找到隐藏的巨额神秘现金!明智地选择一扇逃出升天的大门,而通过幽灵般的赌博功能,您就有可能碰到死神医生,帮您让奖金瞬间翻倍!通过老虎机的波动功能选择您的策略,由自己来决定大小奖励的频率和金额!祝您好运。

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