Atlantis Nova

A top-performing cabinet that is sure to rule your venue with a multi-game extravaganza

Housed in the Nova cabinet with two 22” high-resolution screens, Atlantis is a proven choice for venue operators. This classically designed cabinet combines perfect ergonomics with diverse content. Atlantis Nova is a multi-game entertainer, offering 41 games infused with rich graphics, thrilling themes and engaging features that reward players with the ultimate gaming experience. With the unique CashBack feature, Atlantis Nova creates a truly electrifying experience on the gaming floor.

  • 41 games
  • CashBack feature
  • note acceptor with stacker and cashbox
  • metal double-screen housing
  • 22” screens (bottom touch screen)
  • 9 physical buttons (START button twice)
  • 3 different access levels with keys (key-switches)
  • access to the inside of the machine with a key-lock
  • LED backlight around the screens
  • dimensions:
    • - height: 184 [cm]
    • - width: 56 [cm]
    • - depth: 39 [cm]
  • weight: 75 [kg]
  • power consumption: 180 [W]

Atlantis Nova Games