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Our Team

Wazdan is a team of visionaries bound together by their passion for games. What makes us stand out from the crowd are the inspiring, talented people behind our products – they are the heart and soul of our company. Our goal is to give the best of ourselves, in accordance with the core values of our company: creativity, innovation and gaming passion! Meet the wonderful people behind Wazdan!

Michal Imiolek
Andrzej Hyla
Bekki D'Agata
Head of Business Development for Europe and North America
Albert Bellavista
Head of Business Development for Spain & Latin America
Elzbieta Bilnik
Head of Design
Tomasz Tajeldin
Senior CRM Specialist
Maciej Grajewski
CRM Specialist
Magdalena Wojdyla
Senior Account Manager
Izabela Slodkowska
Senior Account Manager
Aurelia Szymon
Account Manager
Lukasz Trawka
Account Manager
Bartlomiej Kubat
Account Manager
Maja Wisniewska
Account Manager
Katarzyna Olewinska
Account Manager
Marcin Trafialek
Account Manager